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A Tinnitus Masker That Can Cure Tinnitus?

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by Peter Levin

A new breed of tinnitus masker has just been released that offers relief not only when you use it, but *after* you use it as well! Read on to learn about how the exciting science of “brainwave entrainment” may just offer a cure to long time tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus Masker – The Next Generation

Those of you that suffer from tinnitus probably already know that a good tinnitus masker can go a long way towards making infuriating symptoms more tolerable, but did you know there is now a new kind of tinnitus masker that could actually make your symptoms go away even after you use it?

The science of “brain wave entrainment” may sound like some scary mind-control plot from a B-movie mad scientist, but it is actually a fascinating, and highly effective method for combating a great number of problems.

Some people have called this exciting technology a “digital drug”: You may have even heard of them before. They are also called “Binaural Beats”, or “Isochronic Tones”.

It is a way of using sound to help guide your brain waves into specific theraputic patterns that combat specific problems at the source: your brain.

These specially engineered sounds can crafted to help with everything from Anxiety to Sleeplessness, from Depression to Headaches… and *lots* of other problems as well… even our Tinnitus!

Tinnitus Masker or Cure for Tinnitus?

This neat new tinnitus masking technology not only offers relief of your tinnitus symptoms while you use it, but it actually helps the brain break out of the “sonic feedback loop” that keeps the tinnitus symptoms going.

Many tinnitus sufferers have been frustrated because endless visits to doctors and audiologists can not help them cure their tinnitus. (See my article on why doctors have trouble curing tinnitus here.) The problem is that in many cases, the problem is not a physical thing that can be fixed. It is an extremely complex mental, emotional and psychological feedback loop that is going on in your head. 

These new tinnitus maskers actually fight your tinnitus symptoms at the source, *inside* your head! Over time, they may actually diminish your symptoms and sometimes can even help you break out of the feedback loop that is causing your tinnitus symptoms alltogether!

There is another outstanding benefit of this new breed of tinnitus masker that other tinnitus maskers can not offer:

They can help you enjoy some honest to goodness, Golden Silence!

When is the last time you heard… nothing?

Can you remember what delicious, velvety silence sounds like?

I had days where I was so frustrated with my ringing ears that I would have given anything for 10 minutes of the kind of simple peace and quiet that most people take for granted.

A regular tinnitus masker can offer relief from the ringing while you listen to it, but never true, blessed, silence! Wouldn’t you love to hear silence again for yourself?

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The Two New Types of Tinnits Masker: Which is right for you?

This new tinnitus maskers technology comes in two flavors: “Binaural” and “Isochronic.

They both act on your brain waves in a similar fashion, by helping your mind settle into a healthy “Beta” (relaxed, alert) brainwave pattern that disrupts the pattern of tinnitus in your brain.

They do this by basically creating “a healthy rhythm that your brain wants to dance to.” Just like you may find yourself tapping your foot to the beat of a song you like, these sounds are constructed to help your brain tap its foot… to a beat that will help your tinnitus!

 a tinnitus masker can help you find peace again

The problem is the beat that your brain needs to dance to is a sound that is too low for the human ear to hear, so these special sounds work in special ways to get around that.

Binaural Beats – use two slightly different sounds in each ear, and your brain picks up the difference between the two sounds as the “Beat” to dance to. This is very effective, but the brain needs to do a little extra work to catch the rhythm. The big draw back is that you must hear the sound in good quality stereo to get the effect, so for best results you really need to use headphones or earphones.

Isochronic Tones – digitally “pre-digest” the frequencies of Binaural Beats and encode them in a way that makes them faster and more effective, and you don’t need to use headphones or earphones. Any source of the sound is fine. The draw back for these is that they tend to cost a bit more than the binaural beats.

Either version is inexpensive compared to most other tinnitus maskers, and they come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try them without risk if you are interested.

I’d recommend that you try them out for at least a few weeks, as I’ve noticed that this technology seems to get more effective the more you use it.

Good luck with your tinnitus. I hope this exciting new information can help you!


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