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A Tip to Quiet Ear Ringing

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by Peter Levin

Quieting Ear Ringing: My Accidental Discovery

Hi Everyone, Pete here and I’ve got a great discovery that I’d like to share with you that might help you manage your tinnitus and ear ringing a little better.

Tinnitus maskers are no longer the only thing help my ringing ears!

 Ear ringing can affect anyoneNot too long ago, I started a job that had one of those automatic blood-pressure machines nearby. After walking past it for a few weeks, on a whim I decided to give it a shot, and I got a reading that shocked me: Stage 2 hypertension!

That scared me pretty bad. I didn’t know what “stage 2″ meant, but I knew it had to be worse than stage 1, and it was the highest stage listed on the chart in the machine.

I immediately scheduled a blood pressure screening with my doctor and changing my diet by reducing salt and consuming more potassium in the form of a bannana every day. You might not have know this, but potassium helps the body get rid of excess salt.

 Well, my blood pressure was on the high side, but not nearly as bad as that machine had led me to believe. The doctor told me to monitor my blood pressure at home, change my diet and exercise more, and we would check again in a month.

Ear Ringing Aggravated by High Blood Pressure?

Wouldn’t you know it, a month later, I dropped 5 pounds, my blood pressure is back down to normal, I’m eating better, and my ear ringing is noticably less ringy!

Now I changed a lot of things all at once, so it’s hard to isolate what thing actually helped my tinnitus. Heck, maybe they all contributed. Here’s the thing though. If you are having hard time with your ears ringing, try the following and see which, if any help. (They’re all good for you anyway!):

1) Manage your Blood Pressure!
2) Lose a few pounds
3) Eat healthier in general
4) Eat less salt in particular
5) Try getting more potassium in your diet

I’ve still got tinnitus, but I’m happy as a clam: I feel better, I look (a little) better, I’ve got more energy, and the ringing in my ears is less pronounced. It’s a win all around!

It’s now easier to get relief for my ear ringing!

Folks that have read my other articles here know that I’m a firm believer in using tinnitus maskers to help ease the tinnitus symptoms. I’ve had great luck with them, and I’m having even better luck now that my tinnitus isn’t quite as loud.

(Click here to see the tinnitus masker that I use!)

It seems that now my tinnitus maskers work even more effectively, and at lower volume. It’s like my tinnitus is getting weaker as my body gets stronger!

Anyway, I hope this article helps put you on the right track to get a handle on your tinnitus. I know how horrible tinnitus suffering can be and I’m happy to share the victories in my battle against ear ringing so that maybe you can win some of your own!

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I found that tinnitus maskers helped me get relief from the frustration of my ringing ears, and I wished someone had told me about them sooner.

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