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Peter Levin – Author of Maskers for Tinnitus

Hi! Peter here.

I’m really glad you stopped by my web site.

I made this site to let you know that no matter how bad your tinnitus symptoms are, maskers for tinnitus can offer hope!

When my tinnitus symptoms got so bad that I couldn’t get to sleep at night, it snowballed into a lot problems for me. My ringing ears were distracting me all the time, I couldn’t stay focused, and I was so frustrated I thought I was going to go crazy!

My tinnitus was not only wrecking my job performance but my home life too.

Maskers for tinnitus made a huge difference for me:

The first night I used maskers for tinnitus, I got the first decent night sleep I had in nearly four months. I not only felt refreshed that morning… I woke up feeling like there was finally hope that the ringing in the ears that was wearing me down for so long would not get the better of me.

I was excited and grateful for this tinnitus relief, but I sure wish someone told me about tinnitus maskers sooner!

That’s actually why I decided to make this little web site… to let other folks know that they don’t have to suffer like I did. I hope I can help you find the tinnitus relief you are looking for too.

Don’t give up!

There is help for tinnitus!

All my best,

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Who am I?

Peter Levin - Author of Maskers for Tinnitus

Hi! I'm Peter Levin. Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about help for folks suffering from tinnitus.

I'm really glad you came by, because if you are like I was, the ringing in the ears from your tinnitus symptoms is probably driving you crazy!

I found that tinnitus maskers helped me get relief from the frustration of my ringing ears, and I wished someone had told me about them sooner.

That's why I made this site! I hope my experiences can help you find the tinnitus relief you are looking for.

All my best,


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William Shatner on behalf of the American Tinnitus Association