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Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies

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by Peter Levin

Depending on your background, the concept of homeopathic tinnitus remedies might seem far-fetched, but the concept is based on some very sound principles… (Click here if you want to skip straight to the resource I am using: “Tinnitus Miracle“)

Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies – How do they work?

For those who are not familiar with homeopathic treatments in general, this is a method of treating a disease by giving the afflicted person tiny doses of a substance that would ordinarily give a healthy person the same symptoms that the sick person is trying to get rid of.

This central idea of homeopathy might at first sound ridiculous. Wouldn’t giving something that makes you sick to a sick person just make them sicker? Surprisingly, the answer in many, many cases is a resounding “No!”

Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies can get back a healthy life

It’s astounding to me that the mainstream medical community has not embraced homeopathy more completely. Since my entire tinnitus affair, I’ve become a lot more cynical of the mainstream doctors, especially since I’ve been able to dramatically reduce my tinnitus symptoms on my own in the last couple months in spite of my doctors advice that “You will just have to learn to live with it.” Follow this link to learn more about: Why Can’t Doctors Cure Your Tinnitus.

Many critics claim that there is no hard proof that homeopathy works, and yet the procedure is basically a more general application of the exact same scientifically proven method that is used in making flu and other vaccines: introduce a greatly weakened version of what is causing the problem into the body, and the body gets to practice, improve and ultimately fine-tune its defense against this problem to the point where it can handle the primary full-blown problem that already exists in the body.

This is why exploring the idea of homeopathic tinnitus remedies and other natural treatments for tinnitus are very exciting! Tinnitus is an extremely difficult problem to treat in the usual ways and many folks like me have been told flat-out by their doctors: “there is nothing we can do for you.” (Ha!)

Simply put, people with ringing in the ears have nothing to lose by trying out a homeopathic tinnitus remedy. You can try it quickly, safely, and very inexpensively, and if you don’t see improvement in a couple weeks like I did, you can always stop.

There is even better news!

Since a homeopathic tinnitus remedy is treated by sound and not by chemicals or medicines, there are no worries of side effects and interactions with other medicines or dietary supplements you might be taking.

Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies – how to try them for yourself.

At this point I have a confession to make: I still have tinnitus, so I can’t tell you for sure that homeopathic tinnitus remedies 100% work in general, or if they will work for you.

What I *can* tell you is that my tinnitus has gotten better in the last couple months after I’ve been working with the methods that I’ve detailed here: A Tip to Quiet Ringing Ears.

My success there encouraged me to try the homeopathic tinnitus remedies and other natural methods to treat tinnitus found in Thomas Coleman’s book: “Tinnitus Miracle” and I am delighted to report that since using his homeopathic methods my tinnitus is greatly improved. I’d say the volume of my ringing is at something less than half of what it was about four months ago. (Look for my full review of Tinnitus Miracle coming soon!)

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s get back to homeopathic tinnitus treatments. I’ve been using a tinnitus masker for quite a while now, and not just to suppress my tinnitus symptoms so I can get a good night’s sleep.

I was using it all the time because I actually enjoy the pleasant nature sounds my tinnitus masker makes and it completely erased the sound of my ringing ears. I don’t know how bad your tinnitus is, but mine had gotten to the point where I literally couldn’t stand it any more.

I was irratable all the time, which was horribly unfair to my family, especially when I was having a particularly bad day and would snap at someone or over react to things. It got to the point where they were walking on egg shells around me, and that broke my heart.

I was not sleeping well either, which noticably impacted my job performance to the point where my boss commented on that, and I had even snapped at a co-worker, which is actually what led ultimately led me to discover what a god send Maskers for Tinnitus were to me. (You can read about that story here.) 

After reading Tinnitus Miracle, I’ve learned that I could have been using my same masker for tinnitus in completely different ways… ways that turn the different tinnitus masking sounds that I usually play on my iPod into a set of homeopathic tinnitus remedies to help cure my symptoms instead of just managing them!

Tinnitus Miracle goes into a tremendous amount of details for exactly how to go about it, but the general idea is not to use your tinnitus maskers to completely erase your symptoms as I had been doing.

Instead, use it to “dial the symptoms down” to a very specific level so that it ends up acting like the homeopathic cure: “a tiny, manageable dose of the thing that would cause the symptom in a healthy person.” – Just a little bit of tinnitus… small enough that your body can learn to fix it!

Homeopathic tinnitus remedies – What tinnitus maskers work best?

The whole homeopathic healing process seems to work much better for me when I use a noise-cancellation type of tinnitus masker (like this one). It turns out that one of the least expensive tinnitus maskers I tried worked the best for me, plus since I play it through a MP3 player it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a hearing aid. (That was a nice perk: it kind of made me feel more young and ”plugged in” instead of just cranky and broken!) 

The more common tinnitus maskers that simply play sounds loud enough to cover up your tinnitus just didn’t work very effectively for me, and the louder volumes needed to drown out my tinnitus symptoms were actually a little annoying to me.

My best guess as to the difference between them is that an ordinary tinnitus masker simply drowns out the tinnitus symptoms with something louder. Your symptoms have not been canceled out or “dialed down” in any way so they are actually just as loud as always and they have a layer of even more sound on top of it. These kinds of tinnitus maskers are just not good at “weakening the tinnitus” to help your body to heal itself. They can not turn the sounds in your head into natural homeopathic tinnitus remedies.

A good cancellation style masker for tinnitus actually reduces the intensity of your tinnitus (even to the point where some folks can’t here their tinnitus ringing at all… but that’s not what we are going for here!) and so you can dial the sound in to that perfect target zone where what remains is not so loud as to make a problem, and not to soft so that it is not going to help you.

Tinnitus Miracle explains exactly how to find this perfect level. Once you do, it’s like taking your “tinnitus virus” and turning it into a “tinnitus vaccine!”

I hope you decide to try this kind of natural tinnitus treatment for yourself. Once you “tune” your tinnitus levels into the correct target zone, your body can finally begin to heal itself.

I am very optimistic about my own results so far, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I make out as my treatment progresses!

Why not give it a try? Turn your own tinnitus symptoms into homeopathic tinnitus remedies custom tailored to you!

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