Maskers for Tinnitus

How to get *instant* tinnitus relief when you need it!

How Tinnitus Masking Works

When I first heard of maskers for tinnitus I thought a friend was having a cruel joke at my expense.

I told her how my ringing in the ears was driving me crazy and keeping me up all night and she said maybe listening to *more* sounds might help.

I told her that she wasn’t very funny.

But she went on to explain it to me, and I’ll be darned if it didn’t make sense.

How Maskers for Tinnitus work:

Did you ever hear the expression “Fight fire with fire?”

As odd as it seems, this term was originally used very literally.

Forest rangers would light small fires that they could control in front of the path of the raging fire that they could not.

The little fires that they set would burn up all the wood in the area, and then when the big, out of control fire hit that area it had nothing to burn and it would go out!

Maskers for tinnitus work in a similar way.

Our tinnitus symptoms make us hear certain sounds, but if we could listen to the opposite of that sound, the two of them would cancel out, and we finally get a chance to enjoy some golden silence!

Maskers for tinnitus use exactly the same principle that noise-cancelling headphones use.

It’s not about drowning out the tinnitus sounds with a louder or different sound, it is about using special sounds to cancel out the annoying ringing in the ears.

Now, in a perfect world, the noise cancelling would leave you with perfect silence, but in practice you still hear different sounds when you listen to a tinnitus masker. But know what? Unlike the ringing in the ears, you get to choose what sound you hear, and that sound is actually pleasant!

Just the instant relief alone was a life saver for me, but when you continue to use these sounds, your brain makes an adjustment over time that actually reduces the intensity of your tinnitus symptoms, even when you don’t use a masker!

Check out this short Youtube video to learn more about Tinnitus Masking:

Click Here to visit the official
TinnitusMasker.Com site.

Different maskers for tinnitus leave you with different residual “white noise” sounds that you can hear, so you can try different ones to find one that you like.

In fact, I use one now at bedtime that not only works great to mask the tinnitus sounds, but I find the residual sound is actually so relaxing that I fall asleep faster and sleep better than I did before my tinnitus!

Fighting fire with fire might work out in the woods, but thank goodness that fighting sound with sound works in my house.

Maskers for tinnitus made all the difference!

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I'm really glad you came by, because if you are like I was, the ringing in the ears from your tinnitus symptoms is probably driving you crazy!

I found that tinnitus maskers helped me get relief from the frustration of my ringing ears, and I wished someone had told me about them sooner.

That's why I made this site! I hope my experiences can help you find the tinnitus relief you are looking for.

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