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How to get *instant* tinnitus relief when you need it!

Maskers For Tinnitus – Instant Relief in your Earphones

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by Peter Levin

Note: This is the story of my personal fight with debilitating ringing in the ears and how I finally managed to find relief, but you can click here if you just want to see the maskers for tinnitus that helped me.

maskers for tinnitus can help you find peace again

How Maskers for Tinnitus Saved my Sanity… and my job!

Hi! Peter here, if you are looking for relief from your tinnitus symptoms, then I’m very glad you are reading this!

If the never ending ringing in your ears is driving your crazy, then I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself not too long ago.

I could never get a second of relief from my tinnitus symptoms. The ringing in my ears was grinding me down hour by hour, day after day until I just couldn’t take it any more.

I was desperate for anything that could help, and when I found it, it was like a miracle!

Maskers for tinnitus are what turned things around for me, and they could work for you too!

My symptoms were steadily unraveling every facet of my life: I was constantly exhausted from lack of sleep since the “quiet times” just seemed to amplify the ringing in my ears.

I was depressed, irritable and constantly afraid of snapping at my loved ones. I was distracted all the time. My focus was shot, and my work suffered so badly that even my boss commented.

I felt hopeless to fix any of it because I couldn’t fix the source of all of my problems: that *relentless* ear ringing.

I felt completely defeated until an “unfortunate” lucky break put me on the path that probably saved my marriage, my job and my sanity.

One day I was horrified that I had snapped at a coworker, and when I apologized I told her I wasn’t sleeping because of my ringing ears.

She told me that she had tinnitus too, and asked me if I had ever tried “maskers for tinnitus.”

I stared at her blankly.

She ran back to her desk and came back with an iPod and told me to listen.

What I heard was a gentle rainfall. What I didn’t hear was the ringing! The effect was instant, and it was like a weight lifted from my soul!

I was stunned that good maskers for tinnitus did not need to be an expensive, dedicated gadget… Her iPod tinnitus masker worked incredibly!

That night I downloaded the same one she let me try out, begged my son for his mp3 player and got the first full night of sleep I had in months! I slept like a baby, and I woke up in the best mood I’d been in a very long time.

(If you need tinnitus relief right away, Click Here to download the tinnitus masker I used.)

Check out this short video that shows how this sound cancelling effect works:

Will a tinnitus masker work for you?

That, I can’t say.

But if the idea of instant relief from your tinnitus sounds good, why not try them out for yourself?

 The link below has the best tinnitus maskers that I have found. You can download the masking sounds right away, and they come with a money back guarantee so there is no risk.

Click here to visit the official site

For me, a tinnitus masker plays a vital role in my struggle to manage my tinnitus symptoms by offering instant relief when I need it… and a good night sleep. Maybe maskers for tinnitus can help you too!

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Who am I?

Peter Levin - Author of Maskers for Tinnitus

Hi! I'm Peter Levin. Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about help for folks suffering from tinnitus.

I'm really glad you came by, because if you are like I was, the ringing in the ears from your tinnitus symptoms is probably driving you crazy!

I found that tinnitus maskers helped me get relief from the frustration of my ringing ears, and I wished someone had told me about them sooner.

That's why I made this site! I hope my experiences can help you find the tinnitus relief you are looking for.

All my best,


Here is a great Resource for you to check out:

The American Tinnitus Association is a great resource for for people suffering from tinnitus!

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