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Maskers for Tinnitus – What the heck are they?

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by Peter Levin

Maskers for tinnitus can offer instant relief to tinnitus suffering and they do not have to be expensive, custom, hearing-aid like contraptions. Any devices that can generate sounds that help “mask” or cover up your tinnitus symptoms are technically a tinnitus maskers, but some are much better than others.

Keep reading to learn about a new kind of masker for tinnitus that can actually cancel out your tinnitus symptoms instead of just covering them up with more noise.

Also, be sure to check out my article on an amazing new tinnitus masking technology that may even be the key to a permanent cure: A Tinnitus Masker that can Cure Tinnitus? These surprisingly inexpensive tinnitus masking options may actually be one of the most effective methods for instant relief from your ringing ears and possibly even a permanent cure for your tinnitus symptoms!

Maskers For Tinnitus:
Using sound to fight sound

Maskers for Tinnitus can be MP3 Players

Tinnitus maskers are not just some gadgets that blast you with noise loud enough to drown out the annoying sound of your ears ringing.

Heck, loud noise was how I got my tinnitus in the first place!

The idea of using more sound to help people who are going crazy because they can’t enjoy the peace and quiet that everyone else takes for granted seems plain silly.

At least… it did to me when I first heard about it!

Actually the better maskers for tinnitus are a lot more sophisticated than that… They don’t use volume to drown out the annoying tinnitus sounds that we hear all the time, they use frequency.

This form of tinnitus help comes in the form of a special sound that is designed to be the opposite of the sound you hear from your tinnitus symptoms. When this “anti-tinnitus” sound combines with the tinnitus sounds in your ear, they cancel each other out.

How maskers for tinnitus can “quietly” drown out the tinnitus sounds

Good quality tinnitus maskers work very similar to how noise cancelling headphones work. By listening to the right “counter sounds”, the annoying sound of your tinnitus symptoms is greatly diminished, sometimes to the point where you can’t even detect them at all!

Unfortunately, this cancellation effect does not leave you with complete quiet. In most cases maskers for tinnitus will eliminate or in some cases dramatically reduce your tinnitus sounds, but you will still be left with a pleasant background sound. Unlike your tinnitus symptoms, YOU get to choose what this background sound is!

It can be something like distant ocean waves, rain fall, or some other kind of pleasing “white noise”.

It gets better.

Maskers for tinnitus don’t have to be an expensive, dedicated gadget…

Some people use an actual hearing-aid like device, or use special hearing aids that have this technology built right in, but I actually use specially crafted sound files that I downloaded right off the internet, and I play them right on my iPod when I need some instant relief.

Regardless if you get a dedicated device to make the sounds, or if you download the sounds to play on your own device, good quality maskers for tinnitus may be something worth checking out.

There is a process called “habituation” that means that as you use a tinnitus masker more frequently, you actually get reduced symptoms for a while, even after you stop using it, which is really nice.

It sure beats ringing ears!

Click here to try out a great tinnitus masker for yourself.

Maskers for tinnitus may be just the thing you are looking for!

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