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Ringing Ears and the Fourth of July

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by Peter Levin

Ringing Ears and the Fourth of July – Are you ready?

Nothing can aggravate your Ringing Ears like Fireworks…

Ringing Ears can be aggraveted by fireworks.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Pete here, and I just wanted say a few quick words to my friends that are suffering with ringing ears: Beware the 4th of July!

I’ve been making some great progress in dramatically reducing my tinnitus symptoms lately (check out these posts if you haven’t already: A Tinnitus Treatment that Works, and A Tip to Quiet Ringing Ears) but there is a real danger that could set you back or make your ringing ears or other tinnitus symptoms much worse if you are not careful. 

Everyone loves to see a good fireworks display, but those of us with tinnitus need to be extra careful when celebrating with friends and family on the 4th.

Fireworks are certainly a beautiful sight, but many people don’t realize how loud they really are, and I’m sad to say that there are a number of people with ringing ears in the world right now that can point to pyrotechnics as the culprit!

William Shatner, for example, suffers from ringing ears and other tinnitus symptoms that he got from being too close to a special effects squib when filming an episode of “Star Trek”.

Many people go out to have a good time on the fourth, but end up coming home with ringing ears that doesn’t go away, and in some cases gets steadily worse and develops into full blown tinnitus.

Protect your hearing and prevent ringing ears!

Celebrate safely. Folks who suffer from tinnitus should be extra careful when going to see live fireworks. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of misery. People who suffer with ringing ears can dramatically aggravate their symptoms by sitting too close to the fireworks display and or not using some sort of suitable ear protection.

Even folks without ringing ears or tinnitus symptoms should still be careful!

The loud boom that follows the brilliant display is actually a concussion wave that travels through the air, and could actually do a lot of damage if you are not careful. Folks that don’t already having ringing ears or other tinnitus symptoms should also be careful to take the appropriate precautions.

Firemen will usually mark off a “safe distance” away from where the fireworks are being shot off, where viewers can enjoy the show, but this this safe distance is from the perspective of fire and smouldering cinders, not from the volume of the sound.

Have fun, but remember to keep a healthy respect for the show and don’t do anything to agrovate your ringing ear problems.

Stay back a bit farther, and wear some appropriate ear protection. If you are using a tinnitus masker/hearing aid, turn it off during the show. Remember the boom that accompanies the pyrotechnic displays is not very different from that of a cannon so treat it with the same respect!

The last thing anyone wants want coming back from a party is a bigger problem with ringing ears!

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