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Tinnitus Remedy Review

When I first heard about Ian McCall’s “Tinnitus Remedy”, it was from a review on a website that very obviously never actually checked it out for themselves first. That doesn’t help anyone, so I won’t work like that. I have just taken the evening to actually go through and read all the materials that you get [...]

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Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies

Depending on your background, the concept of homeopathic tinnitus remedies might seem far-fetched, but the concept is based on some very sound principles… (Click here if you want to skip straight to the resource I am using: “Tinnitus Miracle“) Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies – How do they work? For those who are not familiar with homeopathic [...]

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Who am I?

Peter Levin - Author of Maskers for Tinnitus

Hi! I'm Peter Levin. Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about help for folks suffering from tinnitus.

I'm really glad you came by, because if you are like I was, the ringing in the ears from your tinnitus symptoms is probably driving you crazy!

I found that tinnitus maskers helped me get relief from the frustration of my ringing ears, and I wished someone had told me about them sooner.

That's why I made this site! I hope my experiences can help you find the tinnitus relief you are looking for.

All my best,


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The American Tinnitus Association is a great resource for for people suffering from tinnitus!

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