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by Peter Levin

The right tinnitus maskers can offer instant, dramatic relief to your tinnitus suffering. Listen to samples from real tinnitus maskers and let me explain the pros and cons so you can chose if these are a good fit for you. Or try the full ones for yourself by clicking here.

When I was looking for reviews of tinnitus maskers on the web, most of the sites that I found seemed so vague or general that I found it hard to believe that the authors even tried the products they were recommending. Those so-called “reviews” were completely useless to me.

With that in mind, I decided to create a tinnitus masker review that I hope you will find a lot more detailed and helpful than most of the useless stuff that is currently out there on this subject.


This review is for the set of tinnitus maskers that come from the website called ““.

Tinnitus Maskers

Please note that the 5 second samples listed below are provided in the spirit of “Fair Use” for the purposes of critical review and public education. All sounds remain the property of TinnitusMasker.Com.

Tinnitus Maskers Reviewed: What you get is a little different than most places that sell tinnitus masking sounds. Most places will sell you one or possibly two sounds, or sell you some piece of software that you need to constantly adjust to work for your particular symptoms.

The tinnitus maskers that these guys sell is actually a complete set of 8 different sounds which you can listen to below.

Samples of Tinnitus Maskers:

Sample Bird Song
Sample Brown Noise
Sample Forest Sounds
Sample Ocean Waves
Sample Pink Noise
Sample Rain
Sample White Noise
Sample Wind


Why are all Eight Tinnitus Maskers packaged together?

When I originally started experimenting with tinnitus maskers, I was under the impression that one single tinnitus masker was all that I needed.

I believed that this one magic tinnitus cancelling sound would instantly eliminate my tinnitus suffering, and all would be right with the world again.

I was “kind of” right…

A good tinnitus masker will make a pretty amazing difference to your tinnitus symptoms, but a single tinnitus masker has two substantial draw backs:

1. No single sound can be optimized for all the different kinds of tinnitus symptoms you will experience.
2. You get tired of listening to the same old thing ALL the time.

At first I was thinking that if I needed 8 different tinnitus maskers to get the job done, then they must not be any good, but I kind of look back and laugh at that now.

These particular tinnitus maskers aren’t really “maskers”. Any sound can “mask” (or drown out) your tinnitus symptoms if you play it loud enough.

What makes these sounds special is that they are tinnitus “cancellers”.

They are specially designed to sonically “cancel out” the tinnitus symptoms that you are hearing using the same principles as those expensive noise-cancelling headphones.

This makes them much more effective than other “maskers”, even at much lower volumes than are needed to work with other products that don’t use this cancellation technology.

If you think about it, it makes sense that a sound that cancels out a “tinnitus roar” is going to be different from the one that cancels a “ringing in the ear.”

I know my tinnitus does not sound the same every day, so its really nice to know that I have different options to help me deal with each variation so I’m never caught up short if I really need some relief.

Thats important, but another thing that I really love about having a selection of different sounds is that some work better for certain situations.

If you read my previous post “When Ringing in the Ears gets Dangerous” you know that my early experiences with tinnitus related sleep deprivation nearly cost my job, my sanity and my marriage.

Please don’t let that happen to you.

I find that I sleep like a baby now when I fall asleep listening to the rain sounds tinnitus masker, and after a great night sleep, I listen to the bird songs masker when I wake up in the morning…

it’s so cheerful and bright that it just makes me start the day smiling.

I also like listening to the sounds of the ocean waves tinnitus masker while I am reading, since it reminds me of my most relaxing vacations when I didn’t have a care in the world and I could just lounge on the beach reading a good book.

In short, I think you will find that having a variety of tinnitus maskers is not only practical to find what works best for your symptoms on any given day, but its also just plain enjoyable.

Tinnitus Maskers Review: What I like about them

1) The Variety, for the reasons given above

2) The Price. With Tinnitus Maskers.Com you get 8 different sounds for way less than the price of a professional masking appliance.

3) The money-back guarantee. I admit, I was nervous to try them at first, but knowing that I could get a refund if I didn’t like them after I actually tried them for myself made me feel very comfortable with my purchase.

4) The sound quality. These maskers were created by a professional audio engineer, and there are no hisses, pops or distortion in the sounds. (Sorry if my samples are a little loud, but I wanted you to hear for yourself how “clean” the sounds are!)

5) I like that I can listen to these on my MP3 player instead of having an appliance in my ear. The appliance always reminded me that something was wrong, and I was always self-conscious that people thought I had a hearing aid.

6) I saved the most important for last: These sounds are engineered using the same principles as noise-cancelling head phones, so they are effective at lower volumes than other maskers. They are the closest thing to true audio serenity that I’ve been able to find so far.

What I don’t Like about them:

1) The file sizes are pretty big, so they take a little while to download. Now that’s a one time inconvenience, and I know thats the trade-off for the audio quality, but I still like fast downloads.

2) What I saw was NOT what I got. I’m not sure what was up with this one, but on their web site, they show a picture of a ”Babbling Brook” tinnitus masker. That sounded nice, but that one was not on the download page. Instead of that one, there was the Bird-song on their download page. Now it turns out I’m quite fond of the bird-song one, so it worked out ok, but I thought that was kind of weird.

3) The free “book” offered on their website “The Truth about Tinnitus Treatment” was not a book at all. It was “a series of digestible weekly email newsletters “. I’m ok to sign up for newsletters, and I was very eager to learn more about tinnitus maskers, but call it what it is.

4) They were slow to respond to my email. I know I’ve been spoiled by the internet, but if I have a question on a product, I want a fast answer!

Now that I think about it, apart from the file size I really don’t have any complaints at all about the actual tinnitus maskers themselves. I’m personally not fond of “White Noise” (reminds me of tv static) or “Wind” (although on days when I have “roaring tinnitus” wind is the most effective), but that still leaves me with six out of the set that I love.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for some good quality tinnitus maskers, I honestly think these are worth checking out. The value is excellent, the sound quality is excellent, and for me, they are extremely effective. Even at lower volumes.

If you are suffering with tinnitus, you don’t have to.

I highly recommend you try these out for yourself. I think you will be very pleasently surprised at how well these tinnitus maskers work.

Visit the official website
here to try them for yourself

I’ve done a lot of research into tinnitus maskers, and these are still my favorites!

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Nature Sounds Tinnitus Maskers
Set of 8 professionally engineered noise-cancelling tinnitus masker sounds.
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