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Tinnitus Remedy Review

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by Peter Levin

When I first heard about Ian McCall’s “Tinnitus Remedy”, it was from a review on a website that very obviously never actually checked it out for themselves first.

That doesn’t help anyone, so I won’t work like that.

I have just taken the evening to actually go through and read all the materials that you get when you purchase Tinnitus Remedy – Stop the Ringing Forever, by Ian McCall.
Tinnitus Remedy by Ian McCall

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I’ll tell you right up front that there was some stuff I liked about it… a lot of stuff I liked about it actually, and then there were some other things that I wasn’t as excited about.

One of the pleasant surprises was that the course was fairly short, but I actually learned stuff about tinnitus that I didn’t already know, and that’s saying something because I’ve done a lot of research into the topic.

The book is 38 pages long with wide margins, but its nicely laid out and very easy to read. A particularly nice perk that I was not expecting is that the book comes with a free audio-book version in addition to the standard “PDF eBook”.

I know a lot about the disease itself and about the more conventional drugs that are prescribed to help manage the symptoms, but unfortunately those drugs don’t work very well for me… that’s why I tend to go with tinnitus maskers so I can get some instant relief and a good night’s sleep.

Ian’s book introduced me to a more whole-body approach to healing and explained about a natural treatment option called “homeopathy” which is basically a sneaky method of using natural herbs or dietary supplements to direct a strong healing response from the body to address a specific problem.

Ian outlines a three-step homeopathic strategy for fighting tinnitus, and I must confess, I’m pretty darn excited to give it a try!

Ian’s course comes with some other nice bonuses too. Anyone with tinnitus has probably experienced a lot of sleepless nights… I know I have!

One of his free bonuses “Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep” is a 27 page booklet that goes into the details of some excellent strategies for falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night, which for some of us is a trick in itself!

For me, I’ve always known that when I don’t get enough sleep my performance and disposition suffers… a lot! So I was pretty eager to go through this. It offers seven solid strategies (say that 5 times fast!) for getting to sleep fast and staying asleep through the night. I found most of it to be pretty basic, but there were a couple of nice ideas that I hadn’t thought of that I might give a try. On the whole, it wasn’t that great for me because I already knew most of this stuff but for someone who doesn’t know about these tricks… this free bonus alone could be a real game changer.

Ian threw in a bunch more free bonuses too… I’m pretty sure he will include his “Stop the Stress” ebook with each order, but it sounds like his “Cure Tinnitus 2x Faster” ebook and the charming collection of sounds and music that he provided for use as tinnitus maskers and sleep aids will likely sell separately soon, so they may not be available unless you order fairly soon.

So on the whole, Ian’s course was very solid. It had some fascinating, unique information that I can’t wait to try and some really nice bonuses, but some of the bonuses may be more or less applicable to your personal situation, depending on the nature of your symptoms.

What I didn’t like though, was how much of the main book was taken up with his personal story. A lot of the early part of the book was devoted to how he came down with his tinnitus, all the frustrations that we are all ridiculously aware of from our own doctors, and all of the stuff he tried before he found the cure that he shares in his book.

I get it… he was suffering with tinnitus.

Me too. And most likely you guys reading this are too, so we already KNOW how much it stinks to have this condition. We already know how infuriating it is to have doctor after doctor tell us that we have to live with this… that’s why we bought his course in the first place!

For me, I like short and sweet. I could have done without about 6 or 7 pages and just dig right into the meat of the subject but in fairness, I suppose you need to write a book that will work for everyone, and this is it.

I recommend that you give it a try.

In fact, for a very limited time you can try it through a special half-price link that I worked out with Ian for my readers. Just click here, and type in the coupon code “HALFOFF” (all in caps) to get your discount:

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Tinnitus Remedy.

Ian has already helped tons of people with his method and his course comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your results for any reason, so give it a try while he’s still giving away all those crazy extras before he turns them into another course and charges more for them!

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