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Why Can’t Doctors Treat Tinnitus?

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by Peter Levin

How to treat tinnitus is a tricky, and often frustrating proposition.

Ask anyone who suffers from tinnitus what their single biggest frustration is and they will all give the same answer: “It won’t stop and doctors can’t help.”

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Tinnitus symptoms are ringing the ears of nearly 20% of the worlds population. When nearly 1 person in 5 has a problem, you can count on the fact there is a huge demand for a solution for how to treat tinnitus. So why is it that so many people have to endure tinnitus suffering?

Why can’t doctors treat tinnitus?

 As it turns out, curing tinnitus is a tall order.

 Tinnitus is not a disease, it is a symptom. This means that ringing in the ears or other tinnitus symptoms are not caused by the same thing for everyone.

For some folks tinnitus is the result of a sudden trauma to the ears, like in some cases when an air bag inflates during a car accident. For others it was sustained loud noises over a long period of time which damaged the fine sensory hairs that detect sound deep in the ear. For still others it can be a symptom of some other affliction like high blood pressure.

There a bunch of other causes too, and some of them aren’t very obvious like something related to the bones around the jaw, dental issues and even too much ear wax putting pressure where it shouldn’t.

There are a lot of causes of tinnitus, and that measn that there are actually some different approaches to how to treat tinnitus for the situations that are actually treatable: If high blood pressure is the culprit, it can be controlled with medication and/or lifestyle changes. If there is physical damage to the ear, surgury could be an effective treatement for tinnitus. That’s why you should always check with a doctor.

Surgery could be a dangerous approach to treat tinnitus…

Most of us are not so lucky though. Even when tinnitus is caused by some physical problem with the ear, surgery on the smallest, most delicate and sensitive bones in the body runs the risk of actually making the symptoms even worse.

In many cases the actual cause of the ringing ears can not even be identified, so without knowing what is wrong, it’s not fair to expect a doctor to know how to fix it.

How do you treat tinnitus when it manifests differently for everyone?

Some people even have sensation of their whole head ringing instead of just ringing ears, and when that happens it is particularly difficult for doctors to even isolate the source of the problem.

In short, if you are one of the “lucky” folks who have a treatable cause for your symptoms, then there are some effective tinnitus treatments available. Unfortunately for the majority of us, the best we can do is manage our symptoms until new and better methods come along.

 (Click here to see how I manage my tinnitus symptoms.)

As frustrating as it is that there is no generic cure for tinnitus yet, rest assured that a lot of very talented people are doing everything they can to figure out how to treat tinnitus and end our suffering once and for all.

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